Looking for some great, affordable centerpiece ideas for you next event? Creating a beautiful table doesn’t have to be expensive at all! As you prepare your get together invitations, put your creative hat on and think outside of the box. Our celebration experts have assembled great centerpiece suggestions for your table which use material you already have around the house!

Clean and Fruity.

If you have a cake dish with a lid, think about building a fruit pyramid. You can use oranges and pears, different colored apples, and lemon and limes. Mix and match any strong, sturdy fruit. Not only does this create a beautiful table-piece, but you’ll also have fresh fruit at your disposal.

Prim and Practical.
Long baskets full of fruit, plants, and flowers like pansies, violets and primroses make for girly, beautiful pieces. You can also use these items as small party favors. If you have any spare shoe boxes around the house, cover them with brown paper and insert fruits and flowers too.

Clean and Simple.
Cut plants from your yard and place them in mismatched vases. You can also make use of pretty glass pitchers as a vase too. Spray paint pine cones a glittery, silver color and mix with small multicolored Christmas balls are a great twist on this easy centerpiece idea.

Neat and Classic.
Fill vases of all sizes. Fill some with fruit, or fill a Hurricane vase with pillar candles. Search the local craft store if you don’t have any in your own home. These are fairly inexpensive and you can keep them for a long time. Arrange them offset on the center of the table to create a wave effect.

Picture Perfect.
This particular centerpiece idea is fantastic for a birthday, graduation party, or retirement get together. Take your favorite framed photos and place along your table runner. Garnish together with ribbon curls, confetti, laurel leaves, or even rose petals. You can also add votives and tea lighting for an even warmer effect.

Glass Glow.
Acquire as many glass jars as you can. Clean and cover the exterior with colored tissues paper and tie with lace. Arrange any plant or flower inside, or float candles for a stained glass glow.

Hot Romance.
Gather up votive candle cases and line all of them up on a runner, enough to be able to fill almost the whole length of the table. Fill all of them with unscented votives for a passionate glow. Don’t leave too much space in between candles.

Fill up vases or even mason jars with tiny rocks and pebbles you have gathered. Layer with fine sand or craft glass beads and you have a simple and stunning centerpiece!

Search your house for unusual items to use. Iron book finishes, wooden sculptures, seashells, bird feathers — all these materials may be used innovatively for a fantastic centerpiece. Take into account the theme of your party and try to incorporate this into your centerpiece. This doesn’t have to be formal or matching, just inventive! You truly don’t have to invest a lot to make your table look great.