Office parties are an easy way for people to come together socially inside a relaxed atmosphere and unwind with fellow employees. When in charge of planning the office Christmas party, first evaluate if it will be held throughout normal business hours or after work hours.

Whereas some businesses choose to hold their own parties at a hotel ballroom or restaurant during the night when work ends, others choose to support the party in the office in the course of work hours. If picking a restaurant, try to book a banquet area. This way, everyone can stay together without disturbance from other diners.

Office Holiday Party Ideas
If you’re having the party at the office, think about how food will be presented. Will the event be catered or will one person be in charge of purchasing and bringing food? If the budget is really small, develop a sign up sheet and have everyone sign up to bring in or make a dish for your office party.

When alcohol is present, make sure that no one drinks too much. Don’t forget about plates, napkins, utensils and cups. If everything will be set up on tables, try and incorporate a decorative tablecloth and centerpiece.

Do you have a desire to spice things up? If finances enable, consider turning the standard office Christmas party in to a themed holiday party. There are lots of fun themes to select from.

Music always supplies a festive touch to this type of celebration. Make sure to include some winter, holiday music to get everyone in the spirit. If candles can be displayed safely, they will creative a warm ambiance, or use chain lighting.

If space allows, a little Christmas tree will be perfect! However, take into account that all employees may not celebrate Christmas and for that reason be careful not to put up any decorations that could upset them. For that reason it might be better to refer to this as a holiday party as opposed to the Christmas party. Be respectful to everyone!

Hosting the Office Holiday Party
It’s common to execute a gift exchange during a holiday party. Unfortunately, people tend to get stuck with gifts they really do not want. To avoid this, attempt the following idea. First, establish a dollar amount that folks can spend on a present. Remember that everyone’s prices are different for the holiday seasons. The amount of $10 usually works nicely.

Next, print out a data form and have each and every employee fill it out. Information can include:
– Name
– favorite color
– favorite holiday treat
– hobbies
– Does this individual collect anything?
– Please take note of five gift choices you would be happy to get.

Once everyone has completed their forms, gather them, fold these up, place them in the box and have every person pick one out. This way, each person has an notion of what to buy for the actual gift exchange and will feel good knowing that anyone receiving the gift will like it.

Office Holiday Party Games
Many workplaces enjoy playing one or two games during their holiday celebration. Keep them simple, as not everybody likes games. One idea is to load a glass container with mints or sweets. Have each person write their name and guess as to how many are in the jar on a piece of paper. The winner is who has the closest guess. Be sure to give the individual a prize.

If the office staff generally enjoys playing games, try out some holiday charades. This may include holiday audio and movies.

When preparing the party, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask some other employees for their feedback and suggestions. Make sure you ask for help! A Christmas or holiday party should be all about having a great time and enjoying one another’s company.