For a limited budget, trying “table-scaping!”
Make use of boxes, books, and bricks as risers for your table. When you drape a tablecloth or sheet over this, it creates a little drama for you to set your serving plates or decorations on. Write your menu down using a dry erase marker on a mirror for a fun effect, or frame pictures of what’s being served in decorative little holders. You can also layer the tablecloths for an even more dramatic effect. Pour some colorful candy in a glass bowl as a centerpiece, and let your guests take some home in a cute, crafted box. This is your chance to get creative!

Make use of your windows!
Use streamers, balloons, vinyl stickers and window markers to create fun decorations on a dime.

Don’t forget the floor!
Hardwood and ceramic surfaces tend to be an easy area which to add attractive, crafted stick-ons.

Creative arrangements.
Halloween costume jewelry, pendants and fake jewels can embellish tabletops. Boas make excellent decorations and can be tied just about anywhere! Festive hats from thrift stores are also a great way to add some excitement. The best part is, your guests can take these items home with them as favors!

Wall Covers.
These may become perfect background items to transform a room.

Sort your menu to match the specific theme.
Are you having a 50s style party? Think about incorporating milkshakes and root beer floats. No matter the theme, there’s a corresponding menu that can match!

Be creative when blocking off certain areas.
Make use of votives on a stairway or maybe if you have children around the party, use plenty of string lights on stairs. This will keep folks from going up stairs where you don’t want them, and also create a fantastic ambiance with a breathtaking lighting effect. Also, think about hanging accents to seal entrances.

They can create a dramatic entrance or maybe fill a large space. Balloons cost very little and people can also take these with them as a party favor when they leave.

Above all, enjoy yourself!
This is your special gathering! Don’t stress out over a huge party. You may want to start off small. It’s all about having fun and making memories!