Today’s party ideas don’t have to include the usual standards like thick cream sauces, unhealthy sides and main courses loaded with butter. Most people are concerned about their eating habits, and professional caterers will be happy to accommodate any kind of special requests, as well as offer suggestions to build your next catering event a healthy one.

Ask about serving sizes, alternative options, and also healthy choices! Would you prefer low-cal, low-fat ingredients? Any caterer should be able to “cater” to you and your guest’s needs, and in an enjoyable and creative way! Perhaps the thought of salad makes you cringe? Think about incorporating some fruit and walnuts, along with a zesty vinaigrette. Or, dip a few celery and carrot sticks in avacado/tahini hummus. There are numerous choices in this category. Regarding vegetable sides, offer both a green and an orange vegetable. A crudite (uncooked vegetables) plate can include healthy options like hummus, guacamole and tzatziki. Vinaigrettes may also be offered on the side, in place of creamy dressings such as blue cheese and ranch. A few healthful appetizer ideas include small grilled vegetable kebobs, Indian spring rolls coupled with peanut dressing and fish or Greek salads.

You don’t have to stick to just appetizers! Sandwiches can be made on whole-grain, whole-wheat, rye, or pita breads. A build-your-own sandwich concept can include lean sliced turkey or grilled chicken rather than fillings like egg salad or tuna. Asian stir-fry, veggie or turkey burgers, sushi rolls, and pineapple pizza are more excellent, healthy options! Wholesome main course suggestions can be found in international cuisines, specifically Oriental ones like sushi and rice dishes with grilled chicken and vegetables. Chop sueys, chow meins and also teriyaki entrees add even more wholesome choices. Mexican meals such as vegetable fajitas topped along with fresh pico de gallo are another healthy idea. Meats should be prepared in a healthy manner, such as grilling, broiling or sizzling. Your caterer will be extremely helpful with these decisions.

For dessert, think Fig Newtons, fruit salad, sorbet, and biscotti. Dishes containing slices of angel food cake with fruit cocktail or individual berry parfaits with a light whipped topping make for delicious snacks. You might want to consider low-fat Greek natural yogurt or small crepes with low-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt or fresh fruits such as bananas, berry, mangoes or kiwi. Chocolate may be used as a garnish to include a little excitement. These kinds of choices can satisfy the sweet tooth with no fattening elements generally found in catered puddings. Ask your catering service what options are accessible to you.

By planning correctly, healthy catering tips will present themselves easily. Think about a particular healthy element, such as low fat, reduced carb or organic, and start from there. Substitute standard dips like sour cream with low-fat yogurts and salsas. Is it going to be all appetizers as well as small plates, or perhaps a full spread that features a main course? Make sure to ask the catering company if they will use low-fat whole milk, spreads and yogurts, and give small portions, including finger sandwiches, crudites and also small appetizers.